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One thing is certain,  most  Americans no longer live simple lives.  Life is now filled with hi tech gadgets, fast paced schedules and media bombarding us with biased and exploited news coverage, with an unending tide of commercials fabricated with marketing stratagies to entice and capture our willpower. Our children's role models are now Hollywood stars and  sports figures.  Quality time with the family or even a good book is almost non existant for most of us.  When families are together, they are so lost in their "stuff" they simply lose touch with one another.  Social media has made it possible for Americans to "chat" daily with friends and family online even though rarely getting together in person.  Our society has made us computer savy, social networking addicts, yet out of touch with the real world.  
Do we really know our neighbors?  Are we committed to and support our local businesses or do we travel miles to shop at a big mall?  Is the most important thing in our lives becoming the person  the advertiser's tell us we should be;  buy what they tell us we should have, and live a lifestyle beyond our means? 
If we keep going in this direction,  the American Dream will be no longer attainable  for future generations. 
We no longer live in a country where work is available to all , where we can be proud of our industries and manufacturing, where the American Dream is within everyone's reach. The sad fact is that jobs are scarce and even a secondary education will no longer promise a career; where the average American goes into debt with credit cards just to survive. We have seen so much of our manufacturing go overseas  that most items we purchase are now made in another country. Our education system needs help and our healthcare system needs reformed. There are home forclosures, homeless women, children and homeless war veterans living on the streets. What has happened to us? How can we turn things around?  How can we go back to living in a self sustaining country and proud to be Americans?
ReBuy America is dedicated to reaching out and sharing with Americans how we can rebuild our economy through simple, committed actions. We can either wait for someone else to bail us out or we can take steps to buy America Back!   It is crucial for Americans to take a reality check and begin thinking about living a much simpler life. It will strenthen our finances, our families, our communities, our entire nation.  Living a simpler life will even help save our Planet!



The Answer is Simply this....We Must All do Our Part!

If every American spent just $3.33 PER YEAR on American Made Products WE WOULD CREATE 10,000 NEW JOBS IN AMERICA every year!

Here's a few things each of us can do everyday that will have a definite impact on rebuilding our economy in America:

          1. Check labels to see where items are manufactured

          2.   CHOOSE American made products if possible

          3. Shop Thrift Stores, Consignment and Resale Shops

          4. Don't heed to Marketing and Advertising Ploys

          5. Stay Informed and up to date on where to shop 

          6. Share with others about Buying American Made

          7. Do with less but spend money where it counts

          8.  Support our industries and American Workers

          9. Support LOCAL Businesses and Organizations

         10. Don't Procrastinate...the time is NOW!

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Make a List
Take time to make a list of things that are important to you.
Compare this with the way you spend your money now. For instance, being healthy may be on the list of what is important , yet you may spend your money on fattening foods, meals out, etc. 
Compare how you spend your money now with what you could save by simpifying your life and spending.
If you don''t have a budget, start one immediately even if you have to work on it on your lunch hour, before you go to bed, etc.

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Together We Can Do It!



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